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fuck you 0037 (5)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:50 ID:FvLVBhob [Del]

making thread inside a thread

2 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:52 ID:FvLVBhob [Del]


3 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 15:15 ID:lNN4heUF [Del]

I noticed this too! There appears to be a duplicate of a thread on the front page. But theres something eery about one of them... you can post a thread using the reply form, but can't reply to that thread! Maybe this duplicate is a ghost (haunted)

4 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 20:01 ID:f8nBDSHW [Del]

darn it i accidentally made a new thread by trying to reply to that thread

5 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-23 03:34 ID:jNGrYYuK [Del]

That was weird...

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World of Birds Discussion (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 20:02 ID:vhiygnEq [Del]

2 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-23 02:25 ID:pFKmkGjW [Del]

stop sliding my RIR6 coordinate system guys!!! >:[

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[LIFE] Blogging/Whining thread, take 3 [REPOST] (242)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-06-03 14:53 ID:aH+AJIut [Del]

What have you done today? Anything been on your mind? Feel free to go into as much detail as necessary.

Please make sure to add appropriate trigger warnings, you faggot cunts!

233 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-20 01:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

NSA spreading white and black race mixing to children:


234 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-20 06:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

Fuck you. You want to get paid, you post your bitcoin shit like every other bitcoin fuck on this fucker. fuck. fuck. fuck. bitch. whore.

235 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-20 08:27 ID:/P28BPfd [Del]

And then comes that moment you realize you are the epic douchebag capitalist you never wanted to be. I drink 12+ bottles of Perrier a day. That's like $15 in bullshit French water. I could just carbonate tap water and be fine with it, but no, THE CONVENIENCE. It's in a bottle! I can buy this shit at a store. What have I done? Why am I doing this?

So like, what if you live near the place that water comes from? You're just some bullshit sheep farmer, and no matter what you do, every well you dig comes up carbonated. Your sheep are dehydrated. Your farm is on the edge of failure.

But rest assured, some douchebag American loves that poisonous shit that kills your crops and leaves you destitute. Hey, your rich neighbors are doing well! Rejoice!


236 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-21 02:11 ID:e9PcUzrZ [Del]

In this post we think how this post is not a fag.

Something else I want to say:
Obama can not play ice hokey because he is chines monkey.

237 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-21 02:49 ID:o9XVHUXo [Del]

Indonesian, faggot.

Indonesians are whalers. Inuit are also whalers. Some Inuit are Canadian. Canadians are good at hockey. So it must be that Indonesians can be good at hockey. Proven with science!

238 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-21 14:59 ID:e9PcUzrZ [Del]

0037 it is time to move your fat ass and clean up this board by - sending post to limbo. I can not tell if it is you that is shit posting, tricks or some one else completely. You all are talking in shity jew angolo saxon tung and not in my suporior geramtical synatx in germanic of english word. I can not see difference between anyone on this board if every boardye is posting anonymously.

239 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 11:34 ID:p6V52NvG [Del]

So I bought a replacement sensor for my alarm and turns out it's made in Israel. The anchors and screws that come with it are shit though, and I have to get better ones. However, I am perfectly happy because this gives me something for which I can actually blame JEWS!

I'm not a bigot or some random nut! This time, it's actually true: JEWS DID THIS TO ME!

240 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:50 ID:Heaven [Del]


241 Name: Mr. Bradeli●tRiPfAGSxc!!uuhb3M77 : 2014-09-22 15:11 ID:UMOkABOP [Del]

Holy fuck some shitty raid imageboard just managed to strike a deal of some sort with 2ch. What the hell is happening?

242 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 20:56 ID:uFUR+V8c [Del]


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why (1)

1 Post deleted by user.

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~ (10)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-19 00:01 ID:+uAMfkHN [Del]

Once upon a time there was a cat. It was fat because it ate bats.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-19 01:26 ID:6+9rxSBa [Del]

So a lad came along and sat to watch this cat.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-19 06:18 ID:EnDlAatb [Del]

But it decided to hide under a mat.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-19 06:58 ID:ommGRizB [Del]

le shit nigger punched the cat with a zat.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-19 07:03 ID:EnDlAatb [Del]

So the mat reacted and flew the cat to Pripyat.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-19 20:53 ID:KB0Mzn4+ [Del]

the radiation from pripyat made the cat become flat

7 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-20 08:27 ID:KB0Mzn4+ [Del]

When the cat became flat, it looked like a bat.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-20 21:18 ID:yRPy98kx [Del]

The bat-looking cat flew back to Ballarat.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-21 02:06 ID:du/02gPV [Del]

At Ballarat, there was a bat-eating cat. And that bat-eating cat ate the bat-looking cat.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:51 ID:Heaven [Del]


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Textboards in the modern western Internet (33)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2011-07-23 08:05 ID:l8XAuO9X [Del]

So, I'm sure most people here think that textboards are dead, and/or never really flourished in the western world.

Do you think there's a way to get friends interested in this culture, or at least in this kind of forums even if they're not 2ch related (which look maybe too simplistic and dated for today's standards)? Is there a way to keep them alive?

24 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-14 05:52 ID:DjlFqP7p [Del]

It feels less cluttered.

25 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-14 06:26 ID:EHZf7DCt [Del]

I like the look of them too. I jerk off to them a little. I mean, in addition to other things too. I'm not a freak. I mean in addition to my girlfriend. I mean I don't jerk off to her. I mean, I have sex with her. Too. Did I mention I'm not a freak?

So, a/s/l?

26 Name: !!i1AzD/Gd : 2014-09-16 14:16 ID:s8wQfnnf [Del]


27 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-17 02:34 ID:y4erZ97g [Del]

Image-based culture is probably terrible for your brain, anyway. Pictures: Who needs 'em?

28 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-17 11:29 ID:3UWInjep [Del]

How do I post?

29 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-17 12:23 ID:RBuq4HLC [Del]

You will see three boxes at the end of the thread. One is labeled "Name:", the other "Link:", and a big one with no text next to it let you know what it is. Because of that, no one has any idea what it's for.

30 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-17 12:30 ID:RBuq4HLC [Del]

Be sure to put your full name in the first box. "Link:" is short for LinkedIn. Put that there.

31 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-17 13:20 ID:RBuq4HLC [Del]

In the mystery box, you'll need to put something so that the script knows you're not a spam bot. Spam bots always ignore the big blank box because there are no instructions for it! I usually put an ascii dick: 8====D~~~

Once you've done these things, you'll be verified with txtboardID and you'll gain the ability to post on any board!

32 Name: Mike Barnette : 2014-09-18 18:22 ID:/xCyCJ6p [Del]


33 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:51 ID:Heaven [Del]


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white thread for only white people (7)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-14 03:08 ID:iPqhM34M [Del]

Yar only white if you are +50% German(+north Germanic) blood, know from wath accact posison they came from in Germany, can speak german languges, dose not matter what dialect you have. Tall, blond hair, blue or green eyes. Know your culture to some extent[...], atleast.

NOTE:0037 is can not post in this thread or even touch it(by sending for example to limbo) because he is a hairy whit monkey that has mixed fro angol-saxon english shity blood with monky dick ass inidans from american continent thus he and all of his gang are a bunch of nigger that follow the jew relgion of culture and can never in my eyes be seen as a human being, and if he was never whould be at eqwal kind to me. As I am undesputedbly the master race of this planet. Same gose for shii, tick and noot. Thus Heile hitler ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

2 Name: An un-white person : 2014-09-14 03:22 ID:YEyGWDYw [Del]

Woops, I touched your white people only thread!

3 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-14 14:20 ID:iPqhM34M [Del]

at least I have yellow pubic hair that you will NEVER be able to touch fillfy ganjy, back to america. This land is only for TRUE 100% WHITE PEOPLE BIATCH AND NOT NIGGER SCUM LIKE YOUR SELFE

4 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-15 04:13 ID:FRW+8p48 [Del]

But I don't live in America! I live in the land full of spiders!

5 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-15 12:36 ID:q9TsVT2P [Del]

Australia? :3

6 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-16 02:42 ID:QPUePufc [Del]

>>5 Yup!

7 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:51 ID:Heaven [Del]


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textboard general (76)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2012-04-29 16:57 ID:ioVaXgW8 [Del]

ITT we post about textboards

I'll start off with a link:

67 Name: Anonymous : 2014-05-01 16:12 ID:gm/xjn0r [Del]

68 Name: Anonymous : 2014-05-02 00:49 ID:5dNhUqlF [Del]

because toktiko is a FAG

69 Name: Anonymous : 2014-05-02 23:19 ID:bZ5LWHri [Del]




70 Name: Anonymous : 2014-05-03 04:40 ID:AhkmhcY0 [Del]

4x13xBBS is kinda catchy.

71 Post deleted by moderator.

72 Name: 4ct : 2014-08-08 15:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

we don't know what goes through the minds of these tiny creatures made by the Divine Master. He alone knows the answer of this universe.

73 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-15 00:06 ID:66ut8WPi [Del]

74 Name: Mr. Bradeli●tRiPfAGSxc!!uuhb3M77 : 2014-09-17 14:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

I used to have a text board. Now I only have a text board script.

75 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-20 01:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

what is a text board? I only know what a textboard is.

76 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:51 ID:Heaven [Del]


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Bigger forum == less content of value (5)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-12 15:17 ID:PbRNo52G [Del]

A bigger and denser population unchecked to a more stupider society. This may seem retarded but have been sufficiently proven and is very scary fact. People that a specializing on a specific are like posting on a specific image board are more likely to be stupider then people posting nothing but lurking on all image boards. The socety may seem to be more inteligence but that must not be true if you see the neon lights of the streets to the gambeling on education. In truth the more you know of one specific topic will make you mutch dumber then knowing from all topic something. Sadly this is the case of mine. Thus in reality the west is more stupider then you may think. [NOTE:The word stupid is not used here as a insult]. You can see this in many real life examples and in science. A place with many people will make it esayer to survive as in make only one thing thus making people more stupid in specilising on one specifyc thing. It is a scary trend if not known to the population controlys to addjust this kind of futher there is to be. Thus When there are small population there can be biger chance tha t people will be smarter then on a place where there are more people. Why??? That is here to be asked for:

Where is the right spot of forum population and in real life populationeede?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-13 05:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

Five. I base this on science.

1: the leader. Mostly dead weight. Just runs the place but thinks he's important because of dick sucking from #2 & #4 below.
2: the lieutenant, who blindly follows orders of #1. Creates no original content. Gets made fun of by #3, but dick sucked by #4 and has fake authority provided by #1.
3: the snarky outsider who is not leader or lieutenant (85% of content created by this person). The best well-rounded, but least-appreciated member. Leadership above ignore this position because it's so clever that it's a real threat to them.
4: the forum whore. 10% of content created here. Plays #2-3 off of #1. Wins every argument somehow.
5: the whipping boy. Not creative, not having dick sucked. Adds in frustration and anger that #1-4 can make fun of. Lets everyone else know how far they can sink and forces others to strive to keep their place.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-13 15:31 ID:ASJjCoC6 [Del]

where can I sign up to suck your dick, master?

4 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-14 06:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

It appears we have a new whipping boy applicant.

Better run him off before he upsets the balance that is our five users!

5 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:52 ID:Heaven [Del]


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TheShadowFog (45)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2012-02-05 05:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

What happened to him? He used to always be here and on SaoVQ

36 Name: TheShadowFog● :D :D :D :D : 2014-08-30 20:55 ID:U1jtaUYc [Del]

now i am libertarian socialist

anarcho-capitalism a shit




37 Name: A mutualist : 2014-08-30 22:29 ID:u7xGgzpF [Del]


>libertarian socialist


38 Name: ticks●DTNUV4cBL6 : 2014-08-30 23:52 ID:ql3Laqi5 [Del]


Come back when you're a proper traditionalist.

39 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-31 05:43 ID:mlm7oUmN [Del]

That socialist idealism will wear off as much as it needs to when he gets a job some day. Granted he doesn't immediately get on disability LIKE TOKIKO WHO IS COMPLETELY HEALTHY AND YET LIVING ON DISABILITY BECAUSE HE'S A LAZY ENTITLED FUCK. Then he'll understand the joys of our glorious mixed economy that provides rewards for those who succeed and a safety net for those physically/mentally unable to do so (TOKIKO DOES NOT FALL INTO THE LATTER CATEGORY; SSDI PLZ INVESTIGATE).

40 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-01 14:21 ID:xnQkkPD4 [Del]


I say we send the SSDI evidence of Tokiko's abuse of the social service systems. There is plenty of photographs, text logs, real life evidence and more that could be used to prove he's simply leeching Your Hard Earned American Tax Dollars to fuel his sad "bourgeois" and hedonistic lifestyle. All this indulgence in cough syrup and allergy pills, anime con after anime con, internet usage and whatever else he spends our money on should be going to improving Your Country, not supporting a mentally challenged and drug addicted kid. Think of the thousands of dollars he (and his jobless, leeching 4chan roommates) he has received for doing nothing. Awful!

41 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-02 11:08 ID:Heaven [Del]


> American
> lel

42 Name: TheShadowFog● :D :D :D :D : 2014-09-04 22:11 ID:Wmyr4OoF [Del]


i tried


>implying socialism is about welfare



mutualism is socialism u nerd

43 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-08 14:01 ID:Heaven [Del]

Daily reminder that there are Downs patients contributing more to society than Tokiko. They're mopping the floors at fast food restaurants. What is he doing?

44 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-12 03:52 ID:HYyuCxKL [Del]


>That socialist idealism will wear off as much as it needs to when he gets a job some day.

So you're basically admitting that any human hope of living in a better world gets completely demolished by the capitalist system?

45 Name: Anonymous : 2014-09-22 14:52 ID:Heaven [Del]


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New thread

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